Monday, March 09, 2015

Second Week Of March Off to Mild And Quiet Start

Spring is well underway at many spots across southeastern Arizona. Above is a fruit tree in full bloom out at Santa Rita Abbey northwest of Sonoita. Very pretty, but it's a windy locale out there and the blossoms won't last very long.

Considerable thunderstorm activity has been occurring over the mountains of Mexico and graphic above shows CG flashes detected yesterday (March 8th) afternoon for 12-hour period ending at 9 pm MST. Note that Arizona is one of the few places in the U.S. that does not adopt daylight savings times - so times here will continue to be given in MST. Mexico and the Navajo Nation do go onto DST, so there are strange time switches if one crosses those borders.

The pattern for the next week will be stagnant, as a weak trough at 500 mb covers much of the southern U.S. and Mexico - below is the GFS ensemble mean and spaghetti plots for 500 mb for 168-hours from last evening. Considerable spaghetti over much of U.S. because of the weak character of the pattern.

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