Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Weather Miscellany

Winter is still hanging on in parts of the country as March winds down. Above is a view in Green Bay, Wisconsin, early this morning (Wednesday, March 25th).

Here in Tucson area there has not been much to talk about this week. It's been dry and sunny, which leads to continued big differences in low temperatures here along the Rillito versus the "official" lows at the airport. Yesterday was fairly typical of much of the month - low here at house was 37F, while low at the airport ASOS was 50F.

Dewpoints yesterday afternoon dropped into the single digits at the airport and the high temperature hit 84F. The WRF-NAM forecast (from 00 UTC last evening) above is for PW valid at 6:00 pm MST tomorrow, the 26th. Note that the entire domain is forecast to have PW of less than 10 mm - so dry continues to be a main weather word here, as will hot by the weekend. 

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