Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Wide-Angle Views

A bit of a hodge-podge this morning. Above is an interesting hemispheric look at CG lightning flashes yesterday. This product is produced by Vaisala, but I'm not exactly sure how it is done - if anyone can steer me to an explanation, I would appreciate it. Of note yesterday were the very active thunderstorms over the Big Bend and adjacent areas. The small area plotted over central Canada is likely an artifact of the analysis procedures.

No winter weather highlights at all today (from NWS above) across the CONUS - most advisories and etc. are for heavy rain and possible flooding.

In the long term, the ECMWF develops an interesting pattern (above is 168-hour 500 mb forecast valid next Monday afternoon), with a substantial closed low west of Baja being pulled northward by height falls associated with the southern tail of a higher-latitude, Pacific trough. This pattern has brought several nice rain events to the Southwest during this fall and winter, and so is something to keep an eye on - but seven days is long way out, and models have been less than stellar past few months.

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