Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Upper-Level Clouds Moving In From Pacific

The IR image above (from 0630 am MST) shows a broad band of cloudiness stretching from west of Baja to Wyoming this morning. Web cam view north from campus a bit after 7:00 am (below) shows that the metro air is a bit dirty and also that thin cirrus (and a number of contrails) are already present over our area.

Forecast above is from the 00 UTC run of the WRF-NAM (on the 5.4 km grid) and is for OLR valid at 6:00 am MST tomorrow morning (Thursday, March 12th). The model forecasts the thickest cloudiness to cross southeast Arizona during the night tonight and tomorrow morning. The cirrus will be thin much of today with abundant sunshine penetrating through. Forecast below is for solar irradiance valid at 1:00 pm this afternoon (from the 06 UTC run of WRF-NAM on the 1.8 km grid).

Cool morning here with lows in the 30s followed by afternoon highs up around 80 F - so very nice with abundant color breaking out everywhere.

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