Sunday, April 26, 2015

Event Summary Through Early AM, Sunday April 26th

Edited to add a couple of things at 09:40 am.

Above is from General Store web cam up in Summerhaven on Mt. Lemmon this morning.

There was widespread rain, and some snow, across eastern Pima County during the night. Yesterday's models and POPs proved to be conservative at lower elevations for the night. Composite radar image above is from 4:00 am MST. However, the WRF-NAM forecast of the TWC soundings (shown in yesterday's post) was probably quite good for the  period of rain and thunderstorms. Below is plot of CG flashes detected through 3:00 am MST (from Vaisala) - indicating considerable thunderstorm activity over and west of the metro area. Both TUS and DMA reported thunderstorms on their observations. Not sure if there was thunder here (at least two rumbles of thunder here at the house!), but there is 0.18" of rain in the gauge this morning.

There was essentially 100% coverage for measurable rain across the ALERT network, with heaviest amounts occurring in the Catalinas and Rincons (as yesterday's WRF-NAM forecast). Mt. Lemmon and the Rincon RAWS appear to have received mostly snow, accounting for their low totals for rain. The heaviest precipitation occurred over the northern Catalinas and Redington Pass, where the strong west winds were running upslope.

There may be enough lingering moisture and instability for some morning showers.

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