Friday, April 03, 2015

March 2015 Summary

The above is from the NWS summary for March, based on the official observing site at Tucson International Airport. March 2015 ended as the second warmest March on record for Tucson. Much of the West experienced warmest March temperatures on record.

The NWS summary for Tucson is at:  

Some key points: coldest morning low at airport was 39 F on the 5th while coldest here at house was 27 F, also on the 5th. Low temperatures here at the house dropped below 40 F on 16 mornings, with the 5th being the only morning that was below freezing. So March here in the north side of the City, along the Rillito bottoms, was characterized by cool mornings and warm to hot afternoons, with diurnal temperature swings of over 50 F on several days. Rain at airport was 0.50" but here at house it was 0.35". The amount at the airport was almost a quarter inch below normal. High temperatures at the airport reached 93 F on three days, equaling or breaking March records for those days.

California was much in the news this week, as the state finally imposed water restrictions because of the long-term drought conditions resulting in many nearly empty reservoirs. Graphic below shows the U.S. Drought Monitor map as of March 31st. This analysis indicates exceptional drought conditions continuing to prevail over parts for the Southern Plains and from southeastern Oregon southward across most of California.

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  1. Anonymous11:29 AM

    Yes, unusually warm here...almost May-like temps for the last week. I'm wondering how many frosts where I am in EP had, since my thermometer location is too sheltered, but I have no choice where I rent. My guess is few frosts.

    What would be great is when you report temps from the TUS airport, would be to report the same stats from your Rillito area house, apples-to-apples.