Sunday, June 26, 2016

Brief Summary Of Yesterday's Storms

Heavy thunderstorms developed yesterday afternoon along the foothills of the Catalinas - as per 4:17 pm MST composite radar chart above. These thunderstorms produced significant CG flash activity as per the detected flashes for yesterday afternoon though midnight last night (below, from Atmo and Vaisala). Thunderstorm activity was more widespread than the the WRF forecasts indicated.

This series of three shots from the campus web camshow the edge of the storms just off to east of the view at 3:56 pm. The storms drfited toward the souothwest and the views at 4:43 and 4:51 pm show a downburst between the camera and the Catlinas. This downbrust (or embedded microburst) produced outflow winds here at the house I estimated at 60 mph about the time of the image above. We also had blowing dust and some dust can be seen at right edge of image below. There were some nasty CG flashes and crashes of thunder here with the storm but just spits and sprinkles of rain - Trace again.

I submitted a severe storm report via the NWS webpage but it was not sent on to SPC.

Across the ALERT network 23 of 92 sites had rainfall, with heaviest amounts occurring over the northeast part of the metro area. Above graphic shows rainfall for last 24-hours through 8:00 am this morning for the metro-east sector of the network. Several stations had right around three quarters of an inch. Mike Leuthold sent the photo below of a wash running at his place and he reported heavy rain (0.72"), nasty lightning, but no wind.

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