Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Photos and Etc. Readers have Shared

Several folks have kindly provided additional information regarding the Sunday microburst and also the Saturday downburst along and north of the Rillito. I am posting  these materials here for all to see.

First is a Facebook link to the Saturday downburst. This is the storm that produced gusts here that I estiamted at 60 mph. I submitted a report to NWS on this severe storm but it was apparently disregarded.

Also, here's a time-lapse of the Saturday storm by photographer Bryan Snider, appears to be from A Mountain or so looking North. 

Note that we are very near where blowing dust stands out in the loop.
Neighbor Jodi Ferner shot several brief videos as the storm intensified quickly - this one is from 7:07 pm (0207 UTC) and is just at the onset of the severe winds from the south. She shot one more at 7:08 pm and then the power went out. Presumably we lost power here as the big trees and numerous poles were going down just to our south and southwest. The only NWS report of this severe event gives a time of 7:20 pm which is basically after the most severe damage had apparently occurred. The time of 7:20 pm does, however, serve to verify their 7:13 pm severe thunderstorm warning.

Alexander B. Prescott also provided these photos:

These are in the Samos Neighborhood, which is west of Campbell, east of Mountain, south of Grant and north of Water. Top is some roof damage and bottom is large tree tangled up in power lines. He also reported 1.44" in less than half an hour.
An unknown reader provided these photos:

This is pieces of two trees that fell into road, it was completely blocked.  Neighbors with 
chain saws chopped up the trees well into the night/early morning hours to clear the road. 

There's a car in front of this one that got crushed by the tree.  This was a 60 ft Aleppo 

This shows how high water was running on Christmas Ave.  If you can enlarge picture, it's the 
line of pine needles halfway to house.
Christmas Avenue is just a bit south of here in Winterhaven.
Finally, Mike Crimmins sent a rainlog map that shows the storm totals for the brief event.

Many thanks to all who provided additional information regarding this severe and very unusual event!

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