Thursday, June 23, 2016

Off Topic - Delayed Travelogue

During the first period of 110+ June days we were away from June 2nd to 4th visiting the La Posada Hotel again. See to learn of the history of the famous hotel designed by Mary Colter. The Santa Fe Railroad nearly destroyed the building and used it as an office complex. It was luckily saved and has been mostly restored - it's just down the eastbound side of old Highway 66 from the "Standing on the Corner" statue. The once-per-day east and west bound Amtrak passenger trains still stop at the Hotel.

We went out early on June 3rd to watch the eastbound train come in  about 5:30 am. We met an Irishman who is on a cross-US adventure by bicycle and occasional train/bus legs. Katie is talking to him above as a number of travelers waited on the late train. His bicycle and small, bright yellow trailer are down the wall at the gate. His name is Paul Gillespie and he's blogging about his adventures, and many misadventures also. See  He's not finding Amtrak employees particular helpful for his kind of travel and equipment.

Katie is getting shots of the arriving train above - which pulled in a bit over an hour behind schedule. Paul is shown below heading toward the baggage car in hopes of getting his bike and trailer on board - but the Porter refused and we last saw him pedaling toward Holbrook along the shoulder of I-40.

After breakfast at the wonderful Turquoise Room restaurant in the Hotel, we drove over to Flagstaff and visited the Museum of Northern Arizona in the north part of town. It was well worth the drive, since the museum is very scenic as well as historic and  a nice escape from the gridlock crush of the main part of town. We avoided this by leaving the interstate early and driving mostly residential streets across the north part of town. Info about the museum at

When we headed back for Tucson we went through Holbrook and swung into the famous Wigwam Motel on old 66 - still in business after all these years!

When we pulled up at the house here on the afternoon of the 4th, the car thermometer was saying the temperature was 113 F - so back to the desert and the worst aspect of June.

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