Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Link From Pat Holbrook

Pat Holbrook has sent a link to a NOAA metadata site that I was not aware of - looks like an interesting site.

The information here indicates that the ASOS at TUS has remained at the same location on the airport since it went into service in 1996. 

The problems reported in the two links in previous post relate to the introduction of, and changes in, automated temperature monitoring systems used by the NWS at TUS prior to the installation of the current ASOS system. Locations and types of these various instruments are detailed in the article by Gall et al.

I am not sure if problems with the temperatures measured by the ASOS system have occurred or been documented since 1996. I thought that I had remembered a change in location of the TUS ASOS, but apparently I was remembering the shifts in the earlier automated instruments.

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