Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Overview Of Yesterday's "Event"

There were some thunderstorms in eastern Pima County and Santa Cruz County (24-h CG flash density above from weather.graphics and Vaisala) yesterday afternoon. These produced mostly virga or sprinkles. The Nogales Airport recorded 0.03". Several spots in and near the Catalinas had light but measurable rain - two sites in the ALERT Network had rain, with Samaniago Peak reporting 0.12". The MesoWest surface networks showed three more sites around south and west end of the mountains with very light rainfall. We had a light shower here at a bit after 7:00 pm MST - my perhaps optimistic measurement indicates 0.01".

The 06 UTC WRF forecasts for today shift the activity northwestward, with just some isolated showers over higher elevations of southeast Arizona.

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