Saturday, June 27, 2015

Brief Summary For June 26th

Yesterday did play out fairly similar to the previous day. Here at house it was another day with thunder, but not even a spit of rain and no strong outflow winds. However, both the airport and DM had thunder with rain (0.21" and 0.36" respectively). Frustrating since storms massed from the northeast to southeast of here, but then took on a southwesterly propagation component when they came off the mountains. Plot of CG flash density for 24-hours ending at 6:45 am this morning (above, from Weather.Graphics and Vaisala) shows that most thunderstorm activity stayed to the southeast corner of the state, with storms inching a bit further out into the metro area. The sequence of composite radar images below (from 5:13 pm MST to 6:18 pm to 6:39 pm) shows the storm activity on higher elevations to the east of Tucson; then the storms build into the southeast part of the metro area; and finally head southwestward across I-10 - a scenario we often see during the summer.

As for rain amounts, there were some higher amounts over the mountains - Italian Trap on Redington Pass had 1.42" and Manning Camp in the Rincons had 1.61". Across the ALERT network 35 sites had 0.04" or more, but there were only three sites, including the two above, that had more than half an inch of rain. The only wind gusts I could find that reached 40 mph were 45 at the Mt. Hopkins RAWS and 42 at the Rucker RAWS.

By 10:00 pm MST last evening, a large MCS was most active south of the border, with other areas of storms over New Mexico and Texas (IR image above is for 05 UTC from NCAR RAL). The storm activity yesterday has left behind a large area of debris cloud this morning, as shown by the 6:15 am visible image below. The widespread clouds may play a role in modulating how things evolve during the day today.

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