Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Rains Across Area But Amounts Disappointing

An eerie morning up on Kitt Peak, which is in the clouds - image above from about 6:00 am MST.

The above graphic showing daily PW climatology for Tucson soundings is from SPC (sent over by Jack Diebolt). Black dot is PW from yesterday morning - amount shattered the daily record high PW. It also appears that the all-time high PW for any day in June was also broken by a couple of hundredths. Amazing wetness, with thanks to Hurricane/TS Blanca.

However, the wet atmosphere, although areal coverage of rains was 100%, produced mostly light amounts of precipitation. Here at house we had 0.16" total, which fits the ALERT plot across the metro area below - plot is for 24-hours ending at midnight last night. Highest amounts in the network were: 0.91" at Palisade Ranger Station, 0.67" at Manning Camp, and at lower elevations 0.55" at Sahaurita and the FX-9 Ranch, both southeast of metro area. Seven stations up in the Catalinas had over half an inch of precipitation.

The TWC sounding this morning continues very moist below 600 mb, with PW still at 1.42 inches (perhaps another record). The 12 UTC skewT plot (above) indicates some CAPE still present, although the dry air aloft will be gradually shifting downward. WRF model forecasts very isolated showers and thunderstorms this afternoon over parts of southeast Arizona. However, the dry air aloft is quite intense (12 UTC water vapor image with surface dewpoints below from Jack D also), and we will be experiencing a dramatic shift toward more typical June heat during rest of week.

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