Sunday, July 03, 2016

Blas Joins Agatha

First - the WRF forecasts were quite good yesterday with isolated storms occurring to our south and over Cochise County and the Borderlands.

Although it has been a very slow start, the eastern, Tropical Pacific is suddenly quite active. TS Agatha developed yesterday (above) and overnight TS Blas has formed (below).

Both storms are forecast to move west-northwestward, far from land. The forecast above for Blas, indicates that NHC expects it to become a significant hurricane.

Mike Leuthold sent along the image below, which he grabbed from a tweet by Ryan Maue. This image shows a forecast of IR cloud-top temperatures from the ECMWF - it is valid at 06 UTC next Sunday, July 10th. It is quite an amazing forecast - will try to remember to return in a week to see how it worked out.

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