Wednesday, July 06, 2016

New Radar Software Here

Jack Diebolt convinced me to try radar analysis software that's out there in the market place. We now have GRAnalyst running on both Katie's PC and mine. It has been a revelation, and I wish that I'd had this before now. Regardless, here are examples from 2308 UTC for a storm in Santa Cruz County, a bit north of the International Border. Above is 0.6 degree base scan and below is a cross-section through the storm.

The software can be used for real-time monitoring and storm assessment, but it can also be used in research mode on archived data. I've downloaded Level II data for the microbursts of June 26 and June 29th and am studying those two storms.

Thanks so much to Jack for urging me into the future and also for all the help he's providing us in getting this all set up!

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