Monday, July 11, 2016

Storm Photo And week Ahead

Jeff Beamish sent the photo above of the microburst storm that occurred on June 26th. This was the only storm photo viewers' sent in of the storm - most photos that were flying around the either that evening were of the damage. The photo was taken looking north from Tumamoc Hill. Finger Rock is exactly behind the tall Saguaro in the center of photo. Thanks to viewer Vicki Vargas for sending this over to KVOA News 4. My estimate of the time of photo (based on where I think our house is in photo) is that it was taken at about 7:00 pm - a minute or two before the strong outflow (note how far ahead of the rain shaft it is running) and rain hit here. The tall building just east of I-10 is Tucson House at 1501 N. Oracle and Adams.

Coming week - after our unusual end of June, we are now back in the mode of wondering when some monsoon-type storms will return to the metro area. The week-long run of the WRF-GFS from 00 UTC last evening indicates some hope for late in the week. The forecast of accumulated rainfall through 5:00 pm MST next Monday is shown below. The forecast also keeps heavier storms over the mountains and along the Borderlands - but there is hope after some hot days here in the City.

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