Thursday, July 07, 2016

Low-Level Moisture Still Around

Not much time this morning as I have to go out to the north end of the Tucson Mountains this morning to visit Panther Peak Bindery to pick up a book.

Storms yesterday afternoon occurred mostly in Santa Cruz and Cochise Counties as per the WRF forecasts. There were isolated storms in the metro area, as per plot of detected CGs above ending at midnight (from Atmo and Vaisala). There were weak storms just southwest of here and we managed 0.07" of rain in the gauge. Across the ALERT network only 4 sites had rain - three of those measured 0.04" but Florida Canyon came in with 1.03".

Was quite humid when I walked this morning, and the 11 UTC blended PW analysis from CIRA at Colorado State (below) shows a pocket of values near 2 inches over portions of Pima County.

The morning sounding - below - is similar to yesterday, with a number of pros and cons. Winds below 400 mb are light but mostly southerly and temperatures at 500 mb are very warm (about -4 C). But CAPE values are even better than yesterday, so day will likely evolve similarly but with more activity likely in eastern Pima County. The WRF runs from 06 UTC are similar to yesterday - NAM version has some storms in metro area and GFS version does not.

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