Saturday, July 09, 2016

Re GRAnalyst Use In NWS

I mentioned several posts ago that I had started using GRAnalyst after Jack Diebolt urged me to consider it. Above is an example of a volume presentation of a storm that Jack sent. David Blanchard commented about the use of this software in the Flagstaff Forecast Office, as per following brief thread. I moved it up to post status so that others might notice.
GRAnalyst is great software. We were using it extensively in the WFO...and I assume they still use it now.

GRAnalyst is Windows only so at home I use RadarScope from WDT for both my Mac and iPhone. Having access to multi-parameter and multi-tilt data on a phone is very useful when in the field doing storm photography!


Hi David - this surprises me a bit, but perhaps GRAnalyst software was quicker and easier to use wrt the NWS analysis and display systems? Bob
David Blanchard has left a new comment on your post "New Radar Software Here":

When development began in earnest on AWIPS-II, the AWIPS software was "frozen" so that there would not be a moving target. One of the newly developed programs was FSI (four-dimensional storm investigator). It was only a rough program with many missing capabilities -- but could not be upgraded.

Attempting to do cross sections using either FSI or the standard method in AWIPS was slow and cumbersome. Furthermore, a bug had been introduced into the AWIPS cross-section program that was never fixed. GR2analyst was fast and easy. So we got into the habit of running most of the radar data on AWIPS -- but used GR2analyst for cross sections and volumes.

Now that AWIPS-II is deployed it's possible that the built in capabilities have caught up and GR2analyst is not as important.

More input - this from Brian CurranBob, there are some lingering issues in using GR2 operationally. Specifically it's not the "approved" radar application. Then there's some small amount of data latency between AWIPS2 and the PC, but with the right configuration of data, the latency is measured in milliseconds. Not speaking for my employer, GR2 is superior in performing 4D analyses of storms...something that AWIPS2 can't do...and probably will never. -bc 

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