Monday, July 25, 2016

Nice Sunrise

I have to be away this morning and so will just have a cursory post. Very nice sunrise today - above looking north from campus and below looking east-northeast from house.

Another very down day for eastern Pima County - only 2 sites had rainfall across the ALERT network - 0.51" at Arivaca and .041" at another site.

Complex day today with much debris cloud and more outflows during night. The KEMX NWS radar has been down several days and that complicates things also. The 06 UTC forecasts from the WRF models at Atmo both forecast significant thunderstorms for eastern Pima County later today. However, neither run from 00 UTC forecast much in the metro area, so we'll see what the 12 UTC runs forecast.

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  1. Beautiful indeed, refreshing and good mood maker. Nice pictures too.