Friday, July 01, 2016

Good Grief

So much for favorable wind profiles. Numerous heavy storms formed before noon and sunshine in metro didn't appear to be much of an issue. We actually got 0.17" of rain on the west fringe of one of these.

We were once again in the middle of the core of a nasty storm this morning. After taking my son for physical therapy at St. Joseph Hospital way out east, off Wilmot, we headed back and at about 11:20 am MST were very close to the ALERT gauge shown above (rainfall greater than 2 inches in 45 minutes). All the washes were raging over there and Craycroft at Glenn was running like a river - a real mess and we had to pull into a parking lot and wait the storm out.

Alamo Wash dumps into the Rillito just above the Rillito at Dodge USGS stream flow gauge (below), which jumped from near 0 to 3600 cfs when the floods we were in poured down into the wash.

Sirens screeching over town again, and I hope no one got caught in any of the washes over that way.

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