Sunday, July 16, 2017

Another Heavy Thunderstorm Day

We were away Friday and Saturday, but didn't miss much as it appeared to be mostly a down day in the metro area, although there was a weak tornado near Marana. Having trouble viewing model forecasts and other data online this am, perhaps due to storms and power surges between 9:00 pm and midnight MST last night. Photos at sunrise this morning - note the K-H waves west of Finger Rock (below).

Widespread thunderstorms over Arizona yesterday with a number of severe wind reports - especially west of Phoenix - which was in a donut hole. There were gusts to 66 mph at Douglas and to 58 mph at Luke AFB. The 24-h CG flash density above (from and Vaisala) ending at 6:30 am this morning shows that the center of action yesterday in the Southwest was clearly Arizona.

The ALERT rainfall data (above - for 24-hours ending at 6:30 am) shows 100% coverage for the third day of the past six. We had storms here in the late afternoon that produced thunder and spits of rain, but storms between 9:00 pm and midnight produced 1.28". This gives us measurable rain at the house on four of last six days. There were 13 ALERT sites with over an inch of rain and two sites with more than two inches.

Although there is a flash flood watch for all of southeastern Arizona, this afternoon could be another challenge. The 12 UTC TWC sounding plot below shows another "onion-like" sounding that has considerable low-level cooling. So even though there is an inverted trough approaching at 500 mb, it may be another day of heating fighting with wet ground today, so that best chance may be during the night tonight.

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