Friday, July 07, 2017

Drying Winds From East This Morning

Another smokey sunrise over the Burro wildfire area. The fire has burned almost 30,000 acres as of this morning - hard to know what winds are like on east side of Catalinas, but east winds here in the City have increased dramatically this morning.

The huge 500 mb anticyclone has changed little since yesterday morning, with strong easterly winds across southern Arizona. Map is the NCAR RAP 500 mb analysis.

The morning plot of the TWC sounding indicates PW down under an inch, before the east winds broke through. Those gusty winds are causing rapid drying with PW approaching 3/4 of an inch and dewpoints already down into the 40s F.  Deeper moisture shifting toward the Colorado River and thunderstorm activity today will be over higher elevations to north and out to our west.  Times series below is for GPS PW on campus and will be interesting to see how low the values get this afternoon.

Finally, Mike Leuthold's daily discussion can probably be found later this morning at:

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