Friday, July 21, 2017

Widespread Storms And Rain Yesterday Evening

Kitt Peak view to the north at 4:41 pm MST yesterday afternoon. View from campus to the north at 5:00 pm shows rain shower over the mountains with its outflow apparently producing  a nearly circular arc of new updraft clouds. The storm moved into the foothills producing heavy rains and there were several more redevelopments as the outflows spread south across the metro area. Only 0.24" here at house with this event.

ALERT network precipitation through 6:30 am this morning (below) shows 100% over the metro area with 11 sites measuring over an inch. Quite some event given the light and variable wind profile that prevailed yesterday.

This morning's sounding plot (above) continues to show light winds aloft but with a more systematic direction profile backing from north-northeast at 700 mb to westerly at 200 mb. Moisture and CAPE continue high, but some drying is occurring in upper troposphere. The visible image below seems to indicate sunshine this morning. The 500 analysis for 12 UTC at bottom indicates weak IT and cyclone at 500 mb approaching slowly from the east. Storms again on mountains today but with  light steering toward the south. Perhaps a repeat, but we'll have to watch how things evolve today.

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