Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Visit To Ash Canyon

We visited Art Douglas at his new house in Ash Canyon yesterday (Tuesday August 3rd 2010). Ash Canyon is in the southern Huachuca Mountains, south of Sierra Visita. It was green and very damp and even a bit humid yesterday, when most of southern Arizona had dewpoints that dropped into the middle 40s. Top image is looking, from a second floor balcony, west-southwest up Ash Canyon. Middle image is of Art standing by his weather station. We drove up Carr Canyon Road in the afternoon, passing right by the Carr RAWS station. Bottom image is from a viewpoint on that drive. The isolated shower was over the east side of the San Pedro Valley and was taken looking toward the north-northeast. Hard to turn off the summer showers completely down in that area - definitely a very much different climate zone than here in the Rillito Bottoms! So, when Art reports in with observations from Ash Canyon, this is where he's coming from.

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