Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Interesting Event on Tap for Oklahoma

It looks like central Oklahoma is in for a shot of winter weather later this week and into Saturday. It will be interesting to see how much snow eventually falls - assuming the progged thicknesses are close - and how cold it will get after the precip event ends. Note that a large area of CO, NM (except NE corner), KS, TX Panhandle, and OK is already under a winter storm watch.

Over here in AZ we're looking at more wind and dust, which is par for course this time of year!

Roger in Oklahoma said:

Here in Okie-land, we got somewhat early growth. The dogwoods are done blooming and are leafed out, Jane magnolias and Bradford pears have peaked, the redbuds are in peak glory, and our wisteria is wafting wondrous scents all over our front yard. Let's hope against a late hard freeze. Tucson isn't very far behind Norman on rainfall so far:

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Few Weather Notes - Mar 24 09

Probably of note - low here this morning (Tuesday March 24th 2009) was31F. First morning at or below freezing since February 21st.

I seem to be seeing lots of things growing and in bloom very early this spring!

On two days last week, the daily temp range here at house was over 50F - assumingthat high was similar to the airport high.

Precip for year

Jan 0.93"

Feb 0.87"

Mar 0.21" to date

Pretty wild blizzard in Black Hills last night and today - well forecasted by the models far in advance and handled very well by Rapid City NWS office.