Saturday, September 01, 2007

August Weather Summary

A quick summary of what August brought here at the house.

Rainfall - 2.21" (less than half of July's 4.94")

Measurable precip - 8 of 31 days

Trace or more - 13 of 31 days

Thunderstorms in general area - 19 of 31 days

Severe thunderstorms in Tucson area occurred on: 10th, 14th, and 24th

Heavy tstm rains on the 4th produced severe flash flooding and several fatalities in Sabino Canyon.

All in all an active month, but much less so than was July.

The WRF run yesterday indicated that we might see a considerable increase in storm activity today. So, I'm about to see what the morning observations and products are saying. I will note that at sunrise today there were patches ofmiddle cloud floating around in all quadrants with some ACC present toward the south. This is much different than yesterday's sunrise, when there were only some wispy cirrus and lenticular clouds.

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