Thursday, January 31, 2008


The weather for the winter continued fairly wet and cold here at the house during January 2008.

There was measurable rainfall on only 4 days but the total, mostly from the storms of the 7th and of the 27th/28th, was 1.00 inch. The storm late in the month produced much flooding and runoff after very heavy rains at higher elevations. The Rillito wash is still running today.

After a very cold December (our gas bill for heating in December was the highest ever during our ten years in the house), January was also fairly cold. There were 18 mornings with low temperatures of 32F or colder. Half of these days had lows of 27F or colder.

The coldest mornings occurred on the 18th - 20th with readings of 20F, 20F, and 21F. This morning, the 31st, was also cold with a low of 22F. There was a period of 14 consecutive days from the 10th through the 23rd with lows of 32F or colder.

So, probably another big gas bill.

Appears that February will also start out unsettled with perhaps more rain during this strange la nina winter.

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