Thursday, May 22, 2008


While there were lots of bad or suspect soundings last evening, this morning's data appear quite bad. At least for the number of flights with obviously suspect layers. I guess this reflects the important weather systems affecting the continental US today - Thursday 22 May 2008.

Visually obvious problems appear in the sounding data as per:

Warm spikes at GGW RIW

Superadiabatic layers aloft at GJT GGW(3) SHV TOP OMA AMA JAN TLH MFL(2)

Suspect layer (Opposite of wet bulb superadiabatic) at UIL SLE MFR APX

Some of these are quite amazing. The sounding data can be easily viewed at Univ. of WY's upper air page:

Note that two of the suspect soundings are from non RRS stations - TOP which flew into an MCS and MFR which showed a weak Op-Super layer from its VIZ instrument.

I call the strange layers "Op-Super" that occur when sonde exits cloud into drier and warmer air and T increases rapidly but RH stays at 100% for a while. This likely indicates a hygrister problem vs wet bulbing under same conditions which indicates a wetted thermister.

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