Friday, June 26, 2009


Surprisingly little in way of strong mountain storms yesterday; confined mostly to the far eastern part of state.

About 5% of Pima County gauges had measurable precip last 24 hours – max being a pathetic 0.08” on Mt. Lemmon.

Here at house a Trace with a couple of spits and sprinkles. But a nice cool day because of all the cloud.

This morning the upper-level moist plume is pushing back to the east as the cool Pacific trough has moved onshore.

TWC morning sounding – winds have shifted to west to southwest at all levels; precipitable water up to about 1.4 inches; but low-level moisture and CAPE not really there yet – although, there is a slight bit of CAPE indicated for low elevations.

The cooling at 500 mb indicates that there may be more in the way of mountain storms today, if we get some heating at higher elevations.

Looks like the drier Pacific air may take over for a day or two.

Very moist air mass continues to the south but with no obvious features to push it northward – perhaps convection will increase over Sierra Madre Occidental foothills?

What has happened to the winds aloft on the Mexican soundings? They have gone missing for at least a week now!

Very significant convection with the strong tropical wave in the Caribbean – NAM indicates that this wave will move into Gulf of Mexico – something interesting to watch.

Chance for rain here at house again about zilch for a real storm – steering flow is bad, unless something would develop immediately to the southwest.


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