Friday, April 08, 2022

Warm And Some Winds

Sunrise shots this morning from Wilcox (above) and from Mt. Bigelow in the Catalinas (bottom).

Weather here continues warm and dry, but some winds and cooling are ahead of us. The graphic below shows total precipitable water (TPW) at 12 UTC this morning. Almost all of the US is dry to very dry - a fairly unusual extent of dryness, that extends to Canada and much of Mexico.

Plumes from the GEFS at 06 UTC are shown here: QPF above indicates little chance for precipitation at airport for most of the coming week; temperatures are forecast to fall slowly and then warm some, with Tuesday and Wednesday next week being the coolest days; and winds (second below) are forecast to be fairly strong tomorrow through next Tuesday.

Forecast below is from 00Z WRF-GFS and shows no precipitation across our area through next Friday. Looks like I'll have to be watering some of the yard plants a time or two during the week.

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