Wednesday, May 04, 2022

Hundred Degrees At Tucson?

 There is an article in this morning's (May 4th) Tucson Daily Star (below) that asks whether the temperature at the NWS observing site on the airport actually hit a high of 100 F on April 26th.

I can't get accurate high temperatures with my thermometer setup, so I don't know what the high was here on April 26th. The trace above is from the NWS ASOS at the airport. The sudden spike to 100 F is shown in the blue trace above, and it does look a bit strange. There were several other spikes in T and Td on the 26th. Reasons for the spikes are not clear. However, the ASOS location (shown below) is near buildings and two major streets, so transient, external effects can't completely be ruled out.

As Donald Rumsfeld once said - what we have here is a "known unknown".

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