Sunday, August 13, 2006

Mike Leuthold said:

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The NAM has had terrible initializations for most of the last week with a semi permanent strong inverted trough in various random parts of northern Mexico. The result of this is that mid level forcast winds have been much stronger (up to 30kts) that what has actually happened, and these winds then caused storms in the model to organize and propagate into the lower elevations, which hasn't happened. The NWS had bit at these poor forecasts more than once with high pops for low elevations and even a mention by SPC sometime last week that the forecast shear was high.This is a link to a model sounding over Mt Lemmon made from the 12z NAM from the previous day (6 Aug).

This is the actual sounding.

Perhaps the NWS should put some effort and money into supporting northern Mexico soundings during the summer. The above cases show how poor the models perform when there are no soundings from there. It would be money well spent.
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