Sunday, August 12, 2007

Additional Commentaries on the Damage from Friday's Severe Thunderstorm

From Jim Toth:

Driving west on Orange Grove, I did not see anything significant until approaching the intersection at Oracle. The Park Place apartments are on the north side of OG, and that's where you start to see large trees down.

North on Oracle, the damage sticks out on both sides of the road all the way north to Ina. Aside from trees down and stripped green leaves obscuring parking lots, the most impressive thing I saw was the Long Realty building on the west side of Oracle. They had a large number of clay roof tiles peeled back and settled at odd angles.

At the Safeway parking lot at Oracle and Ina, there were a few large mesquite trunks snapped. These were out near Oracle. West on Ina, at the UMC medical offices, just east of Safeway, there were two large trees down near the entrance. Farther east on Ina, and then south on First, I did not see anything.

Steve Mullen reporting from Boulder:

My oldest son Ryan got caught in the teeth of the macroburst that nailed the NW side yesterday. He was driving along Ina between La Cholla and Oracle before heading southbound Oracle to Orange Grove around 6:10 to 6:15. Ryan reported two snapped stop signs, a leveled ~100-year saguaro, too many downed big trees to keep track. The sign in front of HiFalutin Restraurant was completely snapped. It was raining and blowing so hard near Ina and La Canada that he had to pull off the road.

Ryan shortly thereafter experienced some small hail. The Tucson Citizen had a blurb stating that winds were 60 mph over the NW side. I agree that they were 60 mph, for a moment, before gusting faster. It would take far more than 60 mph to down all that got leveled last evening.

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