Friday, August 24, 2007

More Information on Missing Winds in the NWS Upper-Air Soundings

I took a quick look at the soundings from yesterday evening and from this morning. At least the following soundings have missing wind data:

0000 UTC 24 August 2007

RAP sfc - 620 mb
LCH sfc - 400 mb
SHV sfc - 600 mb
TLH sfc - 720 mb
MHX sfc - 680 mb

1200 UTC 24 August 2007

BOI sfc - 600 mb
TFX sfc - 700 mb
MAF sfc wind is only wind for entire sounding
TLH sfc - 680 mb
MHX sfc - 780 mb
IAD sfc - 750 mb
BUF sfc - 780 mb

I browsed though the soundings at the Storm Prediction Center (SPC) site:

These soundings now display only the actually observed winds aloft.

I would imagine that such serious losses of wind data would be having negative impacts on the models and also upon forecast operations at places such as the SPC.

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