Thursday, October 22, 2009

More Chaff "Rain"

It has been a perfectly clear day across southwestern Arizona. However, the WSR-88D precipitation algorithm data are indicating that there has been precipitation along the Borderlands and southeast of San Diego (see storm total precipitation product above). One small area along the border is indicated to have received more than 0.60" of rain this afternoon. A bit of the "rain" is due to ground clutter echo, but most of it is due to military chaff releases. Unfortunately, the chaff contamination problem has never been addressed by the WSR-88D agency partners (NOAA-NWS, FAA, and DoD) and these kind of erroneous rainfall products go right into the level 3 archives and lurk there waiting to confound researchers of the future.
David Blanchard commented on the previous chaff post as per:
"A few months ago I noticed chaff streaks in Mexico. What was interesting was they were oriented roughly north-south and were moving to the north.

These streaks had not drifted into Mexico from US military bases and I was left wondering about their origins."

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