Sunday, December 19, 2010

Two m0re shots from California webcams. Top is near Tahoo; middle is same cam as shown below yesterday - it's looking toward Half Dome, which is obscured in the snow.
About the strange goings-on west of Hawaii -

David Blanchard writes:

A look at the full Pacific WV imagery is interesting. The ITCZ in the southern hemisphere, western Pacific is very active -- and there is significant cross-equatorial flow near longitudes 160W-180W. This is feeding into the area west of HI and thence eastward to the CONUS.

Not sure how unusual this might be as I don't usually get a chance to look at this larger scale. See here for a full-disk WV image:
Another look at the entire Pacific is at:
This from NWS WRH - if one loops this image the cross-equatorial flow in upper-half of troposphere that David refers to is very clear - centered near 180 west/east.

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