Sunday, January 21, 2018

Brief Summary Of Yesterday's Event

Webcam at the Mt. Lemmon General Store (above) shows a light, covering of snow up there early this morning. At bottom, a nice sunset yesterday at Madison, Wisconsin, grabbed from Jack Hales webcam wall.

Time series of T and Td at Atmo (above) indicates distinct frontal passage around 1:00 pm MST and then another substantial drop as winds and precipitation began around 3:30 pm. Here at house the precipitation event occurred quickly from about 4:00  to 5:30 pm, preceded by very strong winds.

ALERT observations at 5:00 am today (below) for past 24-hours show another light and spotty event across the network - east side of metro area was mostly dry. (Remember that ALERT doesn't indicate amounts less than 0'04", nor does it measure snowfall.)

Observations around southeast Arizona:

Precipitation - Here at house 0.17", TUS 0.02", DM 0.04", Atmo 0.17".

Winds - 58 mph at exposed RAWS site at Guthrie, 56 mph at the 4-m telescope on Kitt Peak, 40 mph and over Pioneer Airfield, Sierra Vista, Safford, Empire RAWS (39mph), and here at house with estimate of 40+ mph.

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