Saturday, January 27, 2018

Some More East Winds

The large-scale pattern continues so miserable for the Southwest, that I've had to scan Jack Hales webcam wall to find things of interest. Above image (from Aberdeen, Scotland, yesterday evening) captured a little beastie crawling across the camera lens - I can only count six legs, so it's not clear what it was. Below is an interesting, and strange, image from the Idaho Transportation Dept. that seems to indicate considerable growth between the camera and the bridge of interest.

As for weather, only thing to focus on is more gusty east winds. Above is 06 UTC WRF-GFS 10-m wind forecast valid at 11:00 am tomorrow morning - appears the winds will continue on Monday. Not clear yet whether the easterlies will be deep enough to trigger strong, gap winds at the Mt. Hopkins RAWS station - will take a look at the situation tomorrow.

The GEFS 500 mb spaghetti chart, out at a week from 00 UTC last evening (below), shows a bit of spaghetti over the Southwest, but that blip is very weak and likely not of significance for precipitation. The average from the GFS (left side) shows above normal heights (red) have a wide extent over the hemisphere. Meanwhile the intense low over Hudson's Bay means continued misery for much of the eastern U.S. 

The WRF-GFS forecast of total precipitation (from 00 UTC out to a week - second below) indicates even more widespread dryness over much of the West than did the last one I posted.

Jackson, Wyoming, looks like Christmas all winter - above. Below is shot of LAX control tower early this morning as another busy day approaches.

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