Saturday, April 01, 2023

Severe Storm Outbreak Yesterday

Visible satellite image (above - from from 2206 UTC on March 31st) shows large cyclone over the northern Plains that was moving eastward, producing widespread thunderstorms over a large area to its east and south. Storm reports (for 24-hours ending at 1324 UTC - 6:24 am MST) this morning from SPC - number of reports shown were 747 with 65 reports of tornadoes. The tornadoes produced widespread destruction and a number of fatalities. 

Shown above is a large tornado near Wynne, Arkansas (which is a bit northwest of Memphis). The hook echo that produced this tornado is shown in the base radar scan (below) from Memphis at 2322 UTC. Second below shows CG flashes detected during the 12 hours ending at 0401 UTC (9:01 pm MST).

This outbreak was somewhat similar to the Tri-State event of March 18, 1925, as well as the "Jumbo Outbreak" of April 3 and 4, 1974. However, both of those events produced many hundreds more casualties than did yesterday's storms.

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