Saturday, October 15, 2011

Big Weather Day In Tucson Area

Cirrus cloud has wafted in from the Pacific this morning (see above image) - making this the biggest weather day of the past week. I reviewed the hourly, web cam, images from the Computer Science building and did not see a cloud since last Sunday afternoon! There is also some slight chance that Tucson will hit 100F today at the airport. If it did, it would mean a diurnal swing of more than 50F here at house, since we started with a low of 49F. So, that's the big weather news from southeast Arizona.
Today will be busy downtown, since this is "Tucson Meet Yourself" weekend - a multicultural festival started back in 1974 by Big Jim Griffith, our local folklorist - see     Food, entertainment, an Iron Chef competition, a low-rider car show, other special events, and lots of sunshine. Hats and sunscreen mandatory.

Down to the far south, TS Irwin (IR image from this morning above) has become somewhat of an oldster - he has been wandering around the eastern Pacific for 10 days now - sometimes weakening and then resurging. How long will he last?

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