Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Some Thunderstorms In Far Southeast Arizona Yesterday

There were some thunderstorms and light showers over parts of Cochise County yesterday afternoon. The morning run of the Atmo WRF-NAM forecast of radar echoes at 4 pm yesterday is shown above. The light echoes around the Tucson area were mostly dry, but I did notice some virga off toward the Rincons around noon. The ALERT network had no measured rain at any site. The four southeastern-most RAWS stations in Arizona had light rainfall from the storms; all less than 0.10", except for 0.20" at Rucker. Douglas and Ft. Huachuca both reported thunderstorms, but just a trace of rainfall. The cloud-to-ground lightning strikes detected yesterday afternoon are shown below. The early WRF-GFS forecast today keeps showers this afternoon and tomorrow well off to the north and east.

Hurricane Rina is a Cat.2 storm this morning and is located southeast of Yucatan - see 1345 UTC visible image below. The storm is forecast to strengthen to a moderate hurricane as it moves toward the Yucatan Straits. Eventually, NHC predicts an abrupt turn toward the east and western Cuba.

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