Saturday, November 26, 2011

Bit More On Winds And Low Temperatures

We have been out near Sonoita (Santa Rita Abbey, about 5 miles to the northwest of Sonoita) in the low, eastern foothills of the Santa Rita Mountains. Winds were calm out there at sunrise this morning and there was a heavy frost. Here at the house it appears that winds were also calm, as the low was 33F. As for tomorrow morning - see previous post - the Atmo WRF model is still forecasting strong winds to develop during the night from the east. The above is the WRF-GFS forecast of surface observations across the Tucson metro area at 6 am MST tomorrow morning (Sunday, November  27th). Winds are forecast to be northeast to east-southeast at 20 to 30 mph - except in the two light wind eddy areas immediately west of the Catalinas and Rincons. The WRF forecast low temperature for TUS tomorrow morning is 51F versus the current NWS forecast of 41F. So it will be interesting to see how these forecasts play out. Of course, here at house it will colder, but how much will depend on what the wind does here.

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