Sunday, November 27, 2011

Observations At 6 AM Sunday, November 27th

Very windy here at house this morning, with some gusts of 20 to 30 mph coming right down the Rillito. The 6 am MST surface plot for Tucson metro (above) indicates strongest winds coming over Redington Pass and down into this part of town. Winds along the I-10 corridor were not as strong as forecast by the WRF yesterday (previous posts). However, at 6 am the low temperature at TUS had been down to only 50F. The temperature time series for TUS (below) shows how different the nighttime temperature trace was than that of the night before. So, the WRF temperature forecasts were quite accurate, once again. Here at the house, the situation was considerably more complex. The temperature at 6 am was 47F with the wind blowing. However, at some time during the night the low had dropped all the way down to 36F. I just have a max/min thermometer, so I don't know exactly when the wind kicked in.

The RH time series for TUS (above) indicates that the RH stayed low all night - as well evidenced by the show of very bright stars here at 6 am. The time series of wind speeds on the roof at Atmo (5 to 6 stories above the ground) is shown below. The winds kicked in at Atmo around 10 pm last night and some gusts since then have been as high as 40 mph. So it has been yet another very challenging, low temperature, situation across the metro area.

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