Saturday, May 12, 2012

Bit More on Rock Rain

David Blanchard reports: Bob,

RDA/RPG Build 11 included the CMD (Clutter Mitigation Decision) algorithm. This was an enhanced, automated feature to remove clutter.

Build 12 was the first build to support Dual-Pol. Unfortunately, it was based on the older Build 10 which did NOT have the CMD.

Build 13, to be deployed this summer, will have CMD once again. So we can expect some improvement in clutter removal.

Some information can be found here:

This information confirms what I had noted in previous post and also that this step backward wrt clutter will be sorted out this summer. Meanwhile, I assume that rainfall estimates, such as the storm total product from KYUX (Yuma) valid at about 1400 UTC this morning (below), are going into the level 3 data archives.

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