Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Miscellany Wednesday Morning May 23rd

David Blanchard has a nice time-series image of Sunday's solar eclipse (taken from rim of the Grand Canyon) posted on his blog - link is to the right.

High temperatures at TUS reached 105F on both Monday and Tuesday, with extremely dry conditions continuing, as RH dropped to a reported 2%. So little moisture in the atmosphere that it's difficult to measure RH accurately.

Another out-of-state hiker has perished in the extreme conditions. A German tourist collapsed and died on the Hugh Norris Trail (west of town in the Tucson Mountains) at about 2 pm on Monday. This trail has a steep rise and should only be tried during the early morning hours this time of year.


Tropical Storm Bud (IR image this mornining is above) continues moving toward the northwest as a marginal TS that has not strengthened as NHC had forecast earlier this week. Bud is now forecast to remain a TS, turn northeast toward Mexico, then weaken and loop away to the west with no landfall.

Afternoon winds continue to keep some dust and pollen kicked up each afternoon, and the air has a hazy look to it at sunrise this morning, as per above view of Catalinas. Situation will worsen as a 500 mb trough sets up over the west. Two shortwaves will swing by to the north today through Saturday, kicking up evenstronger winds during the afternoons. Temperatures will cool down but dust and fire dangers will increase.

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