Thursday, December 26, 2013

East Winds Break Through Here

The last three mornings here at the house have been quite frosty and cold with lows of 27 F, 25 F, and 26 F on Christmas morning. However, gusty east winds began yesterday afternoon. The first web cam shot from campus this morning (above at 8 am MST) shows east winds blowing there right after sunrise. The gusty winds continued through the night at the airport, resulting in a mild morning down there - time series below shows that minimum this morning was more than 10 F warmer than that on Christmas.

Here at the house the winds went calm during the night and temperature was down to 36 F before sunrise and headed toward another below freezing low. But, around 7:15 am the east winds broke through and the temperature jumped up to 50F - so ends the string of several below freezing mornings here in the Rillito bottoms.

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