Monday, December 09, 2013

Last Of Stranded Travelers May Escape DFW Today

The last round of the great ice storm that began last Thursday has moved into the Mid-Atlantic region and the Northeast this morning (Monday, December 9th).

North Texas was hit hard on Thursday and Friday - CBS photo above was on Friday afternoon and shows de-icing efforts at DFW. Photo below had no details as to which day and where in Texas - but it shows an agave encased in ice.

Thousands have been stranded and last night about 650 travelers were still sleeping in the terminals at DFW. Morning headlines on the local CBS station indicate that these folks may finally escape today from their forced visit at DFW. Very glad not to have been one of them - during my NOAA career I flew through DFW hundreds of times, but was never stranded - some long, long delays but never overnight.

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