Friday, May 14, 2021

First Day With 100 F

Nice, crisp view of Baboquivari this morning. Down at bottom is view of I-10 traffic snarled southeast of Phoenix, map shows just where this mess is.

Yesterday was first day of the summer with a high of 100 F at the airport.  High temperatures above for the 13th are from MesoWest - there's one site showing a suspect 106 F. While DM only reported 96 F, Marana had 100 F and the Atmo site on campus reported 101 F. Off the map were two reports: 101 F at Oracle and 100 F along I-10 toward New Mexico, just north of Dos Cabezas Peaks.

Plumes for wind speeds (from 06 UTC GEFS - below) indicate a windy weekend for the metro area.

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