Thursday, February 10, 2011

Extreme Cold This Morning In Oklahoma

Rodger Edwards reports: I'm about ready for such a change (re previous post about the predicted pattern change) after the last two weeks, some of the coldest and snowiest in recent memory in OK (including *the* coldest temperature in state history this morning at BVO: -28 deg F). That, and my geothermal heat pump quit working sometime last month thanks to a worn-out condenser coil that leaked refrigerant like a sieve, leading to a doubling of my electric bill and a 4-figure repair cost for a part that hasn't arrived yet. Supercell observation season cannot come soon enough, nor can a different longwave pattern than this!
Addendum: The OK Mesonet shows two sites colder than BVO, including Nowata at -31 deg F! Nasty...

Here is the link to the image (now shown above - perishable, so you may want to grab and save it if using it):

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