Monday, February 07, 2011

Tremendous Damage In Southeast Arizona From Extreme Cold

The extreme cold of late last week left tremendous damage across much of southeast Arizona. The most serious damage being frozen and broken water lines. Today (Monday February 7th) when I was out running errands, I encountered several places where water is still running into the streets from ruptured pipes. The top photo is from Jim Toth (who lives a couple of miles away in the foothills where the local microclimate is warmer than here at the house). It shows bougainvillea encrusted in ice after a drip irrigation line froze and ruptured spraying water onto the plant. Interestingly, here on our circle the bougainvillea had been dead and brown since December, when the cold killed them back to their roots. Jim has more details at:

The lower photo is of fallen prickly pear limbs and pads - I have piles and piles of these, probably at least 1000 pounds worth, and I figure it will take me about a month to get it all cleaned up. The morning low temperatures here at the house during the first week of February have been: 27F; 18F; 14F; 11F; 20F; 24F; and 26F. Easily the coldest week since I started keeping low temperature records here. We were quite lucky not to have frozen pipes, as several neighbors on the circle did. Art Douglas reports two nights with 0F at his place in Ash Canyon and much damage in the Sierra Vista area.

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